How to Increase Your Rowing Skills


Rowing is a great sport that requires a little dedication and practice to master. Besides devotion and constant practice, there are some tips that you need to increase your rowing skills. This post will outline some of the necessary skills you need to improve your rowing skill and be the best. Your Legs Are Very […]

The History Of Rowing In England


Water surrounds England. This is the primary reason why the boat plays a significant role in the history of Britain. When you consider the large number of lakes, rivers and water bodies that even divide some parts of the land into two, you will quickly understand why rowing has become a favorite sport in England […]

Rowing and the Olympics


Rowing has always been a part of the Olympic Games for years and was part of the sports in the program for the summer Olympics of 1900. Although the game was on the program for the 1896 edition, it did not take place due to the bad weather conditions. Initially, women were not allowed to […]