Rowing and English Culture – Part 2

Rowing and English Culture

The second part of our blog to discover how rowing is connected to English culture, looks at how this great pastime became so popular in Great Britain. A very common school of thought is that rowing started as an elitist sport, in the grand colleges and universities of Britain. But new publications and references on […]

Rowing and English Culture – Part 1

Henley Regatta

 The oldest rowing regatta in the world is the Henley Regatta which takes place on the famous River Thames that flows through London. This royal event first took place in 1839 and is a five day event that not only celebrates rowing but is just as much a social occasion for the rich and famous. […]

What is Coastal Rowing? – Part 1

Coastal Rowing

What are the differences between coastal rowing versus any other types of rowing? Is it more difficult? Does it involve different rowing techniques? In this blog we set out to answer these and even more questions about coastal rowing. Coastal rowing has been called the mountain biking of rowing, and by this what is meant […]