How to Enjoy Rowing Safely – Part 2

Athletics carrying a crew canoe over heads

The second edition of our blog on how to enjoy your rowing safely, looks at issues such as how to assess the water and weather conditions, and how to plan for the unexpected and emergency situations. We will also address general precautions you must take when taking your boat out on the water. How to […]

How to Enjoy Rowing Safely – Part 1

Safety Equipment

Many people enjoying recreational rowing at weekends or in their spare time, and there are many clubs and organizations that offer rowing tours that the average rower can sign up for and take part. But because of the safety aspects of being on water and the physical nature of rowing as a pastime such touring […]

How do you Spot Rowing Talent?

Row to Podium

Trying to spot and select up-and-coming talent in any sport is not particularly easy. Many different countries employ talent identification programs to try and identify and track potential future rowing aces who might go on and produce gold medal performances. But trying to identify potential athletes who have the mental and skill aptitude to become […]