Rowing Terminology – Part 1

Rowing Terminology

When you first get into rowing and sailing it is hard enough to grasp the techniques and how to actually row. But an added complication is the terminology used when sitting in a boat. The terms vary depending on what type of craft you are sailing in, but for this purpose here are some common […]

How to Choose the Right Oars for Your Boat

Flat Blade Oars

Trying to decide what are the best oars for your boat rather depends on the actual boat itself and your physical size and rowing technique. Having the correct oars will seriously improve your rowing experience and enjoyment. The correct leverage ratio is critical to the performance of your boat and you should aim for a […]

How to Choose a Rowing Boat

The 2012 Louisiana Dragon Boat Races sponsored by the Alexandria Museum of Art is held on the Red River at the Amphitheater in downtown Alexandria, Louisiana.

There is a common expression that size matters, but when it comes to choosing a rowing boat this is certainly the case. A boat that is too small or for that matter too large is of little used to the owner. There are of course, a host of other aspects and features that you must […]