Ideal Traits for Great Rowers

Two gold medals for Romania at the 2017 World Rowing

If you have ever watched a rowing competition, you know that rowing looks easy and effortless. After all, the boats and crews seem to glide so effortlessly through the water. However, don’t be deceived: rowing is actually a very physically and mentally challenging sport that exercises practically every muscle in the body. Height Not everyone […]

When to Start the Sport of Rowing

Scull Rowing

Rowing looks as though it is an easy sport. However, don’t be deceived. It is actually a very physically demanding and challenging sport. You may wonder then, what would be the best age to start rowing. Although children as young as 9 years old can start rowing, many recommend that children should wait until they […]

Up and Coming Male Rowers


Rowing, The Sport The sport of rowing is highly competitive and there are people from all over the world that compete against each other each year to the best of the best in this sport. While it may seem like a simple and perhaps even silly sport, you simple row in a boat back and […]