Basic Rowing Equipment

What do you know about rowing? Do you want to join a rowing team? Come on board as we take you through a list of essential rowing equipment you need to familiarize yourself with before you hit the waters.


A spoon of the oar is the end part of the oar that gets into the water. The spoon is usually customized by painting the end with the colors of the club that the rower represents. The spoon comes in different shapes.

Oars, Riggers and Seat

Oars or blades are used as a lever to propel the boat. They are a crucial part to rowing and there are many options when it comes to them, do not over look them as a basic ite, The riggers are part of the boat placed on the seat of the boat to give support to a pivot (gate and swivel). This is to brace out the oar from the side of the boat. Just like other parts of the rowing equipment, the Riggers come in several different designs. Some Riggers are made from metals while others are designed in the shape of carbon wings.   

Seats are always present in the rowing boats. Some rowing boats are designed with fixed seats while others may come with sliding seats. Sliding seats are usually preferred over the fixed seats because they moved back and fought easily giving the rower greater flexibility.



Rowers are firmly attached to the boat via their shoes. The boots are initially attached to the boat via a metal plate on the boat called the foot stretcher. The shoe provides the rider a firm base as they push off. The shoe is usually built with heel restraints that allow the rower to quickly remove this foot in situations where the boat may capsize.

Rowing shoes

Coxes’ Seat

Coxes’ Seats are present in boats where there is a cox. The cox seats either at the front (bow) or back (stern) of the boat. The coxed boat is built differently from the typical boat. The cox steers with a rudder in an in-built steering mechanism. He serves as a watch out for other members of the crew.

Bow and Bow Ball

You will find the bow at the front part of the boat. The rower that is in the row closest to the bow or the first rower to cross the finish line. The bow is protected by the bow ball, which is a safety cap that is placed over the front part of the boat. Every rowing boat must have bow and bow ball. This keeps them safe in the water.

Bow and Bow Ball

Stern (or stern canvas)

The stern or stern canvas is the area of the boat that is usually covered. It is always found at the back of the boat. The rudder fits underneath the stern canvas of the boat as it is attached to the boat’s steering mechanism. This is all you need to know about the essential rowing equipment. You can do further research and find out in details how this equipment helps the team.