The End of a Century-Old Tradition

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The famous Boat Race between the universities of Cambridge and Oxford has long been a highlight for fans of rowing races. This duel tradition has been lasting for 200 years. In 2020, the Boat Race will not take place for the first time. The cancellation marked the end of an ancient rivalry, at least for […]

The Tools You Need to Make a Boat

Surprisingly if you are about to undertake building your own boat, there are only a small selection of tools that you will need. In this blog we set out to list the most important tools you need for boat building which include: Measuring and Layout Cutting and Shaping Clamps Safety Gear Measuring and Layout Tools […]

How to Leather an Oar

How to Leather an Oar

All oars need protection, where the oars sit in the oar locks. As you can imagine there is much chaffing and rubbing at this joint and so if you left the wood of the oar exposed it would soon start to splinter. Some people just shove a cloth in the joint to protect the wood […]