Choosing Between a Kevlar or Carbon Build

While buying a new boat, choosing between a Kevlar boat or a Carbon one can be a tough decision to make. If you are looking for a straight answer to which one you should be choosing, it is going to be tough. The choice is not about, which is faster or better but about getting a boat according to your requirements. It depends on several different aspects, like training level, conditions, and racing teams.

When it comes to strength and weight, Carbon is considered the best boat-making material. From rowing shells to bikes and tennis racquets, Carbon is used as the primary material. In normal conditions, no one can doubt the efficiency of a carbon shell. It can generate high speeds by its lightweight feature while transferring maximum power. When you look at the Kevlar, it is known for its durability and respite. It is used to make gloves, tires, kayaks and athletic shoes. In the making of rowing shells, it can maintain required stiffness and is better than Carbon in avoiding damage and punctures. Also, Kevlar is cheaper than Carbon, and if a low priced boat is what you are looking for, then the Kevlar is the one to pick. Stiffened carbon boats need very experienced crew members, as it is not easy to manage. It can be very unfavorable for a crew that still make mistakes. It provides the best advantage to rowers but can be disastrous for others. There is also a theory that a lighter boat is very advantageous, but according to several studies, the weight matters very little. In a 2000m race, it provides an advantage of less than a second. For a matter of a single second, it can cost you the entire race as lighter boats are tough to manage. Therefore, without knowing the specific level of training and team worthiness, it can be challenging to pick up a boat off the bat. However, in the right conditions, a carbon boat is faster than a Kevlar one with the right crew operating it. The resilience, ability, and versatility of a Kevlar boat are much better than a carbon boat especially when you consider using the boat to compete at high level races. This is the reason why high-level teams usually opt to use to Kevlar boat.

If you are a professional rower, it is always recommended to start with a carbon one before thinking of getting the more expensive Kevlar. For typical weekend and vacation rowers, their training level and experience matters a lot and also the cost of the boat and its maintenance expenses. Kevlar boats are said to be challenging to repair, but the owners of boat shops share a different opinion about this. They say that after an accident in water, Kevlar boats are cheaper to repair than carbon boats. Therefore, the answer to choosing a kevlar one outweighs the carbon boat depending on the water conditions. Buying a boat is also about the personal choice of the buyer.