How Rowing Clubs in England Can Plan for Success

For rowing clubs to be on the competitive level of the sport, there is a need for the right amount of training and choice of participants. While choosing the participants for a rowing team is one thing to consider to be on top of competitions, there is a need for more than just excelling rowers. Planning for the success of a rowing team is, in theory, quite a tough task to even consider for most clubs. However, there has been a proven example of a rowing club in Germany that has managed to carefully plan the success of their teams. They have managed to secure a prized spot in the international circuit with an elite team of members and strategies that have been spot on. Wondering if planning for the success of a team a realistic ambition is even is a question that seems to plague many clubs on the local level in England.

How Clubs Plan Their Wins

Most of the clubs in England find it difficult to plan a path to success. They usually simply base their scale on the wins they achieve. They faithfully accept the fact that some years the wins are good, and some are bad. It all becomes a form of accepting defeat if not won, so the rowers are also motivated to keep trying to win against fate some year. While luck is as real as can be, it is not something that you would want to blame for the failure to plan a successful race. The act of planning gets brushed aside as a failure to do it, and half-thought efforts are put into planning at all in consecutive years.

Planning for Success is A Possibility

There are three things that the clubs in England can learn from the German clubs who have managed to plan success on the competitive level. They are:

  1. Recruiting for the club from throughout the country
  2. Mentoring and developing youngsters and
  3. Stringent selection process over many years

While the three fundamental points for planning is making it tough and mentoring the right crowd, the equipment also plays an essential part. The use of top of the line and great equipment is a significant need. The performance levels of the athletes are set to international standards from the start of their training when only the best equipment is used. The athletes also are essential in the selection process, and only the crème de la crème should be allowed to enter the club. Many of the clubs in England are simply inclusive for the sake of running the club and don’t emphasize the seriousness of the sport. If a club wants to be at an international level, then the selection process should be done with a fine-toothed comb – no exceptions made. The selection of the athletes again go hand in hand with the coaching that is offered, the facilities used, and the funding needed. Still, top of the line services should be provided in all three and the right administrators to secure a funding plan must be set straight from the start.