How to Increase Your Rowing Skills

Rowing is a great sport that requires a little dedication and practice to master. Besides devotion and constant practice, there are some tips that you need to increase your rowing skills. This post will outline some of the necessary skills you need to improve your rowing skill and be the best.

Your Legs Are Very Important In the Game

Your legs are of utmost use in this game. Your legs have more strength when compared to your arms. Thus, your legs take the most hit in this game. Your lower body is most likely going to bear the grunt after you engage in this sport.

Don’t Hold Very Tight

One rule of the thumb in this game is, you should not hold on your tightly to the handle. You are to keep the handle firmly, but not too tight to cause aches on your foreman and pains on your palms.

Know the Sequence of the Game

Your game sequence should follow this way; your legs, hips, arms, arms, hips and finally your legs. Do not try to disrupt this sequence or you will be making a grievous mistake.

You Should Not Pull With Your Arms

Your elbows should remain straight as you work with your legs. You should focus attention on your leg coordination and not your hands. One way to know that you are getting it all wrong is when you bend your arms. This will inhibit the strength of your legs.

Always Relax Your Elbows

Your elbows should not be brought out on the sides. Also, do not fold in your elbows. Still, relax your elbow to get maximum results.

Pull the Handle towards Your Ribs

The right way to row as a professional is to pull the row handle toward your lower rib. That is directly below your sports bra if you are a female.

Sit Straight While At It

Your chest should always be lifted up, while your shoulders and the lower part of your back should be kept straight. That doesn’t mean that you should maintain a rigid sitting position. Your posture should be relaxed while at it.

Breathe Well

You should breathe out as you row back and breather out as you regain forward. If you are having issues with your breathing pattern, then it may be because you are breathing out as you restore forward.

Constant movement is the key

If you are to be more efficient in this sport, you always need to have it at the back of your mind that constant movement is the key. Remember that you are sailing through the water. Thus, you need to maintain a seamless movement. A seamless movement will make your flow smooth and effective. Fitful movement, on the other hand, will obstruct your flow and make you less efficient.

Practice Makes You Better

Try to visualize yourself, in a boat, being in tune with forces of nature. Once you can visualize this, you can see yourself as in control of everything.