The Best Places in the World to Row – Part 1

Rowing is such a great sport and leisure activity as it is something that everybody can enjoy, not only is it pleasurable but it also works as a mode of transportation and you can get from one place to another quite easily. Because of this, many options are open, and you can even take your boat and have a rowing tour of the waterways of the world.

In this blog we take a look at the more professional sides of things and especially at the sports rowers that are on a quest to improve their speed and time. To record your personal best time, you really need no wind, flat water and be physically fit. In this blog we present some of the best places to go rowing if you want to break your own personal time.

Lake Bled – Slovenia

This has got to be one of the most beautiful places to row in Europe, the Alpine lake is surrounded by green trees highlighting just how blue the crystal water is. And the Alpine air almost burns your lungs as it is so cold and fresh. Lake Bled is a picture postcard of beauty, and is one of the unknown gems of Slovenia. The lake is also tranquil which makes it a great place for rowing, the trees shield rowers from any strong winds and the conditions are perfect for fast rowing. Rowing has also been taking place on Lake Bled for over sixty years, and an international regatta is held every year on the waters.

Split – Croatia

Split offers incredible views and the most intense turquoise water to go rowing on. The sheltered harbor is perfect for setting great rowing times as the water is calm due to the surrounding headland. And while you are setting your new fast time you can enjoy the stunning vista of Split with its terracotta red roofs.

Lake Lucerne – Switzerland

Lake Lucerne in Switzerland is one of the most popular places among the world’s rowing fraternity to race. That is because the lake offers great water to row on. There are no crosswinds and flat water so the water is fair to everybody. Many rowing events are held on this fantastic lake, as it offers possibly the fairest conditions in Europe. Record times are regularly achieved and lost on the waters of Lake Lucerne.


One of the flattest countries in the world has to be Holland, some of the towns and villages are actually built on  polders so it is natural that rowing is a popular pastime. And Amsterdam has one of the finest courses to row in the world.

It is renowned for its capacity for making records, and is synonymous with speed. Many records have been set in Amsterdam including the first two-man crew to ever row two thousand meters in under six minutes. That equates to twenty kilometers per hour and is much faster that most athletes can run. In part two of this blog we continue our journey to uncover some of the best places in the world to row.