The Best Places in the World to Row – Part 2

Once more we grab our oars and row off into the unknown to search for some of the very best places in the world to enjoy this great sport. We are diligently trying to find the best waters on the planet to row the fastest times. In part one we traveled to some awesome lakes in Slovenia and Switzerland and broke records on the water in Amsterdam. We begin the second leg of our journey in South Korea, and travel to Chungju, and the spectacular Chungju Lake.

Chungju – South Korea

Formed by Chungju Dam is the impressive Chungju Lake which is an immense body of water. Surrounded by dark mountains the lake looks moody and menacing but is an awesome place to row. Chungju Lake was chosen for the 2014 Rowing World Championships because of its breathtaking location and its great rowing waters. Chungju Lake is the largest body of water that has been man-made in South Korea, it is situated about two hours south of the capital, Seoul. And when the weather is clement the waters of Lake Chungju provide excellent rowing. There were many rowing world records that were achieved on the lake during the World Championships.

Boston – The Charles River 

Our next rowing location is the charming Charles River in Boston, and the reason for this choice is because of the spectacular regatta that is held there every year. The Head of the Charles regatta is probably one of the most famous rowing events in the world.

And it is prone to fast racing because some of the best scullers on the planet go to Boston to race against the best competition gathered from the four corners of the world. In 2018 more that eleven thousand rowers from an amazing twenty-three countries attended the regatta and competed in highly competitive races. Many Olympic and World Championship rowers attended in a fast and furious display of some of the fastest rowing in the world.

River Thames – London

The final destination for our most desirable places to go rowing has to be in the capital of Great Britain and on the great river Old Father Thames. And hardly surprisingly we have chosen the River Thames because it is home to the oldest and greatest rowing event in the world. Surprisingly, it is not the Oxford and Cambridge University Boat Race, rather further upstream at Henley where the great Henley Regatta takes place. The regatta is a spectacular event with many crews competing from all over the world.

Unlike our previous rowing destinations, Henley is not a place to break records and row fast. It is difficult as at this part of the river there is not much space and the waters are rather crowded with many boats. However, it is a great event and there is a terrific atmosphere with crowds of spectators enjoying the party atmosphere. Our journey to find the best destinations to go rowing has taken us from Europe to Asia then onto North America. There are many spectacular places that you can enjoy rowing, and that is the beauty of the pastime, enjoying new environments and seeing new places.