The Current Best Female Olympic Rowers – Part 1

It is now time for the ladies to step up and be featured in our blog of the current best female Olympic runners. In this blog we feature the best current female rowers that are making waves with their achievements. These modern day rowers are taking up their oars to establish new Olympic records and helping their countries to achieve gold. We start with a young American athlete, Emily Regan.

Emily Regan

Emily Regan has now been competing internationally for eight years, and although she seems new to the sport, Emily achieved her first gold back in 2010 when she was part of the American women’s eight team in the World Under 23 Championships. Three years later she stepped up to senior level and joined the success of the American team at the Rio Olympic Games. At this level, Emily has proved her versatility by rowing for the four and eight women crews. Her motivation stems from trying to be the best rower she possibly can be and push any boundaries that come in her way.

Grace Prendergast

New Zealand has a proud pedigree as far as rowing is concerned and Grace Prendergast is one of today’s leading women rowers from anywhere in the world. Her style is sweep rowing and it looks as though the future is very bright for this talented athlete. In 2014 she became a double World Champion, firstly in the under twenty three World Rowing Championships as part of the women’s pair, then as part of the senior women’s four that set a new record time in Amsterdam.

She enjoys the team sport of rowing and is completely hooked on competition. Grace took her inspiration from fellow New Zealander Rob Waddell, who achieved so much in his rowing career. Grace commented that she wants to develop herself both on and off the water and to keep on improving in all aspects of her life.

Kerri Gowler

Another current New Zealand female rower that is fast proving to be a real feisty competitor is Kerri Gowler. The world sat up and took notice when a young twenty year old Kerri and her rowing partner Grace Prendergast had a valiant finish against the British pair of Glover & Stanning in 2014. At the time the British pair were the reigning Olympic and World champions and were a formidable team. Later on, in the same year Kerri and Grace won the under twenty three woman’s pairs, and the women’s fours. She has proved her considerable rowing talent by also being called up by New Zealand to the women’s eight Olympic crew.

There is no doubt that Kerri Gowler is member of the new breed of New Zealand rowers, but her considerable talent has pushed her to the fore. Her greatest ability is her flexibility and she has proven she can compete at the highest level in many rowing disciplines.

In part two of this blog we will be following the careers of even more contemporary women rowers, who are busy shaking the world of rowing and making new records.