The Current Best Male Olympic Rowers – Part 1

Olympic rowers are some of the greatest athletes on the planet, no only do they need terrific upper body and leg strength, they also have to have fantastic coordination, especially if they row in a crew and part of a team. This blog celebrates some of the world’s greatest ever Olympic rowers and their deeds.

Richard Schmidt

Germany has had a most successful men’s eight for over a decade, and Richard Schmidt has been a key member of the team. As a team, the German eight has won:

  • Olympic Gold
  • Olympic Silver
  • Four World Golds
  • Three World Championship Silvers

It has been one of the most outstanding records in rowing history, and Richard Schmidt has been a key member of the team since 2008. Every year Schmidt tries to improve and is still hungry to win yet another gold. The team are renowned for the great effort and hard work in training, which obviously is the key to their success.

Valent Sinkovic

Valent Sinkovic is one of the most popular rowers that is around the scene today. He is half of the popular double act with his brother Martin that has been dominating the men’s double sculls for some time now. They are World Champions and set a World Best Time when they managed to complete the course in under six minutes, nobody has ever managed this great feat. When the pair took gold in 2015 at the World Rowing Cup in Italy, they managed to cross the winning line six seconds ahead of second place. This is amazing in rowing terms, and the Croatian brothers slapped their name across every sports media headline.

Valent has cited the special relationship he has with his brother as one of the greatest reasons for their success. They are almost inseparable, and when they are not rowing, they spend a lot of leisure time together. Their synergy shows on the water, as they are simply the best.

Martin Sinkovic

It would be a little harsh after mentioning his brother that we omit to focus on the other half of the dynamic duo of men’s double skulls, namely Martin Sinkovic. Martin is the younger brother by just twelve months and the pair have shook up the world of rowing in their class since 2014. Since 2014 they have rarely lost a competitive race, and before they formed their highly successful double act, Martin was a member of the great Croatian men’s quadruple sculls team. The team won an Olympic Silver and two senior World Championship titles as well.

The Sinkovic brothers rocked the world of rowing when they announced that they would be competing as a pair, and at the Rio Olympics they claimed the gold. Sinkovic is a professional rower, and in his spare time he studies sports management and would love to progress into this field when he finally stops competitive rowing. For now he wants to continue rowing with his brother and bring more medals home to Croatia. We continue this blog in part two.