The Current Best Male Olympic Rowers – Part 2

Settling back in our boat, we return for the second edition of the best male Olympic rowers of All Time. In part one were saw how the Sinkovic Brothers were dominating the world of Olympic Double Skulls, and how the German eight’s are presently ruling supreme. We start this edition of our blog with Alexander Hill from Australia.

Alexander Hill

This Australian twenty five year old already has seven seasons of international rowing under his belt. Alexander Hill introduced himself to the world of rowing in 2011 whilst competing in the World Junior Rowing Championships where as part of the Australian men’s coxed four he took a gold medal.

In 2012, Hill took bronze at the under twenty-three version of the event, but as part of the men’s eight. Alexander Hill has also been successful at the same titled rowing event in the men’s pair event. And since 2014 he has been rowing at senior level and is proving he is just as successful stepping up to this level. As a senior he has already won two medals, the first a gold in 2015 as part of the Australian men’s four in Lucerne, and a silver in the World Championships in Aiguebelette.

Paul O’Donovan

Many rowing fans love the men’s double skulls as an event, it harnesses a sort of telepathy between the two rowers in the boat. Without synergy the team can never win, and the best doubles crews have trained, competed and known each other for years. This is why Paul O’Donovan and his brother Gary have been so successful, their brotherly synergy means they row together as one and demolish opposition in their wake. The two jovial Irishmen are almost as famous out of the water as when they race on it. Their highly entertaining post-race interviews are becoming legendary, but this is only because their rowing prowess is so high.

Paul features regularly on television shows and find his time split between training and racing and being a TV Celebrity. Paul has also achieved gold in the single skulls, and silver in the men’s double skulls.

Steve Redgrave

So far, all our Olympic rowers have been recent and that is because the focus has been on the new breed of rowers that are making names for themselves today. But no blog about Olympic rowers can ever be complete without mentioning the greatest Olympic rower of all time. Sir Steve Redgrave has shown the way for contemporary rowers with his addictive commitment to a sport that he totally dominated during his time. Not only is Steve Redgrave a great rower, he is also one of the greatest Olympians in any sport, bar none.

His record of winning five gold medals at five consecutive Olympic Games is beyond compare and is an unbelievable achievement. If you look at the power and strength that is needed for Olympic rowing events, then a twenty year record of success at the very pinnacle of the sport is almost beyond belief. There is no rower that has ever lived that has come close to Sir Steve, and it is highly doubtful that anybody ever will.