The Different Kinds of Rowing Events – Part 2

In part one of our blog on the different kinds of rowing events that are found around the world we concentrated on regattas and saw just how these can differ from one another. In this blog we once more take up our oars and enter into head racing, recreational rowing, challenge events and fun events.

Head Racing

Head Racing is sometimes termed as time trials, and these kind of rowing events are usually held on courses that are longer than regattas. This type of rowing event came about as a way of training, then became a popular event in its own right. Basically, crews race against the clock, the boats set off at different times and are timed between the start and finish lines. The largest form of this type of event in the UK is the Annual Head of the River Race, which takes place on the River Thames. The event attracts crews of men’s eights from all over the world, and as many as four hundred teams have entered since the competition began in 1925.

Recreational Rowing

Recreational rowing or touring is a highly popular way of enjoying rowing that many rowing clubs around the world offer. It is a great way to enjoy the sport and to get out onto the water without having to race. The boats used in recreational and touring rowing are built more for stability than speed. Touring in a boat can be for a matter of a couple of hours or even a few days or perhaps even a week. Because of some of the lengthy distances that can be covered, touring is really for more experienced rowers and for physically fit people. The beauty of this type of rowing is that it takes rowers out into some of the most scenic water there is.

Recreational Rowing

Challenge Events

Challenge events are not one team throwing down the racing gauntlet to another, basically they are rowing events that challenge the rower. They are normally lengthy events and take a great deal of time, for instance in the U.S.A the Boston Marathon is a fifty-kilometer race that at some points the crew have to carry their boats to the next water stage. Other events similar to this are the Great River Race which is held in the UK, and the Great Tyne Row competed on a twenty five kilometer stretch of the River Tyne.


Fun Events

Fun events are just as they sound, and they are a great way for people starting off trying to compete in their favorite pastime of rowing. Usually they are impromptu affairs and the boats are provided by the club or host where the event is being held. These events are becoming extremely popular all over the world as they use stable boats so even the most inexperienced rowers can compete. Random teams are pitted against each other, and many clubs host scratch regattas where entrants are drawn together in random teams, very much like golfing tournaments. Some of the events are against the clock, and some have the addition of skill stages, where the crews have to successfully complete a task before moving on. All the events featured in this blog give the opportunity for every kind of rower to enjoy the favorite pastime.