The Dominance Of The German Rowers Seems To Be Over

A turning point of the European Rowing Championships recently became apparent. The rowers from Germany, who had dominated the sport for many years, are declining. The first endurance test before the Olympic Games in Tokyo exposed numerous problems. The eighth rowers fell apart in the last few meters of the race, and the competition drove it to the ground. The team was correspondingly frustrated afterwards. The blank expressions and drooping heads already indicated the problems.

After 1,200 meters, the team ran into problems on the water. That ended with Germany’s flagship boat failing to win a medal at a major event for the first time in 13 years. The fourth place in the 2,000-meter final was a big disappointment for everyone involved. The team was considered unbeatable for a long time. After all, they hadn’t lost a race since the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio. Now the Germans are back within reach for the competition. Reality caught up with them.

An Amateur Preparation?

The helmsman Martin Sauer put the disappointing performance on an amateurish preparation. Above all, he criticized his association after the race. In his opinion, the planning, the organization and the training were not ready for a European championship. After all, strict rules had prevailed in the days before. The hygiene concepts required a sacrifice, and this time it was the German team. But the more than 600 athletes from other nations also had to struggle with that.

No Spectators

The races took place without the participation of spectators. Only athletes, trainers, helpers and the representatives of the press followed this life on site. As strange as the scenery seemed to the athletes, they enjoyed the competition so much. After all, they had trained for this moment 18 months earlier. But a medal is no longer a matter of course for Germans. Even the track distribution race failed at the start. In the final, the team had big plans. The first 1,000 meters required too much strength. Although the aft was clearly in the lead before, he even missed the podium in the end. The dominance is over.

No Spectators
No Spectators

Three Months Until The Olympic Games

The result after the European rowing championship is sobering for the country. The team was only able to take home three medals from the 14 Olympic boat classes. That’s not bad, but in some boat classes, the Germans had to put up a severe setback. The top of the world has moved closer together. Many nations have taken advantage of the last few months and caught up. Experts assume that Germany will no longer achieve the dominance it has had since the 1990s. Numerous nations are now working very professionally, which is also noticeable in the results. There are still three weeks until the Olympic Games. There is still some time to work on the shape.