The Finest Rowing Coaches Ever – Part 2

The second edition of the finest ever rowing coaches features more great names from this historic sport. In part one we looked at the careers of Al Ulbrickson and the legendary Harry Parker. We take up our oars one more time to look into the lives and careers of Harry Mahon and the great Mike Teti.

Harry Mahon

Everybody knows the influence that New Zealand has had on the world of rowing, and this small nation has produced some of the greatest rowers and coaches in the sport. Mahon was particularly successful coaching the men’s eight right up to Olympic level. Unbelievably in 1988 at the Olympics, Harry Mahon was the coach of two international teams. Under Harry’s direction in Seoul both Switzerland and New Zealand achieved podium finishes. Outside the international scene Harry Mahon helped out with the coaching of the Cambridge boat team and helped them win the Boat Race eight times.

Mike Teti

One of the most prolific Olympic rowing coaches has to be Mike Teti, he himself rowed to victory three times in the Olympics. But it his record as a coach brings him the most acclaim. He has coached the American men’s team to win an incredible twenty nine World Championship and Olympic medals. At the under twenty three level, his crew held the best time in the world for six years. And he also had great success with his decade with the Golden Bears team. And at his time with Princeton University he won the IRA Championship fives times.

Al Morrow

Al Morrow is a legendary Canadian rower and coach, he also led the Canadian Olympic team to the ultimate in the 1992 Barcelona Games. Who can forget the great two medal gold win of the duo Kathleen Heddle and Marnie McBean. The Canadian Women’s team scooped up four medals, three gold and this was even more incredible as Heddle and McBean had doubled up their rowing into the eight as well.

Charley Butt

Butt has got most recognition for being the coach of the famous Men’s heavyweight crew. But Charley Butt has had success in every level of rowing that he has turned his considerable attention to. He has been on the team of four separate American Olympic rowing coaching squads. He also is widely recognized as the man behind the success of Michelle Guerette to her silver medal win in Beijing. Charley Butt was also a successful college coach, and his team Butt’s Harvard’s Lightweights were always in contention for the prestigious Eastern Sprints, winning fifteen times in thirty seasons. The team also won back-to-back wins for the IRA titles.

The long list of highly successful rowing coaches amplifies the passion for such a great sport, the dedication of both the athletes and the coaches is among the highest in any sport and the traditions that go along with rowing makes these fabulous achievements even more prestigious. Rowing has its roots that go back hundreds of years, it is one of the sports that men and women compete in the same length races and embraces every culture. The history and tradition of its coaches reflects all this and that is why we have celebrated their careers.