The Top Female Olympic Rowers of All Time – Part 2

We return to the world of female Olympic rowers to find out who is the best of the best. We have already seen that New Zealand is one of the leading producers of female rowers, but our first rower in this blog is actually American and it’s Susan Francia.

Susan Francia

Susan Francia hails from Pennsylvania and has strong links to the United States Rowing Training Center. For the past few years Susan has been an integral part of the American women’s rowing set up. Her participation for her national team has contributed greatly to the successful performances of the American team, winning many medals. Susan has won the World Championship together with a prestigious World Cup win with the American team as well as the Remenham Cup in 2011.

Her dedication and skill earned her plenty of equally notable achievements, such as placing her as the gold medalist for the 4 World Championships as part of women’s eight team, as well as golds in consecutive Olympics (2008 and 2012), and let’s not forget the medal and first place in WC as Coxless pair. Her great record in collecting these and other world rowing events has to put Susan Francia as one of the all-time greatest rowers.

Victoria Thornley

Being a seafaring nation, Britain has a long tradition of great sailors and rowers. And our next great Olympic rower Victoria Thornley has represented Britain at the highest level in rowing. Incredibly Victoria first came to prominence in the popular Sporting Giants program launched by Steve Redgrave. She was the first sportswoman to graduate from the program and win a gold medal at the 2009 Under Twenty Three Championships.

Her other notable successes are:

  • Silver in the Olympic Games in 2016 – Double skulls
  • Silver in the World Championships in 2017 – Single sculls
  • Bronze in the World Championships in 2011 – Women’s eight
  • Gold in the European Championships in 2017 – Single skulls
  • Bronze in the European Championships in 2015 – Double skulls

Caroline Lind

Another American rower who has had remarkable success during her rowing career is Caroline Lind, she has won Olympic gold on two occasions the first in 2008 in Beijing. Her win was even more respectable as it was the first time that the American eight had won gold since 1984. Then in 2012 her second Olympic gold was achieved in the Summer Olympics in London, again as part of the now formidable American eight team. As well as all her Olympic success, Caroline also has won gold in the Rowing World Championships five times.

In 2014 Caroline was finally honored by her peers and was inducted into the United States Rowing Hall of Fame. And in the same year she was named Athlete of the Year by the prestigious New York Athletic Club. It is fitting that we end our blog of the top Olympic rowers of all time with Caroline Lind as she has put back so much into the sport that has made her famous.