Why Coaching The Coxswain on The Team is As Important as The Rowers

Rowing is a widely appreciated sport around the world. It is said to be one of the most effective modes of exercise as well as core muscle development and training. Rowing is also a competitive sport that is played in the Olympics. Rowing was first taken up by men in the Olympics in the summer of 1900. However, now fourteen boat classes are allowed to race at the Olympics. The key to a good rowing team is not them members, but the coach. The coach plays an important role in teaching the members and ensuring that they have the knowledge and ability to carry out techniques to win a race. However, not only the coach is important to a rowing crew, the other role that is carried out during the event is important as well, and that is called the coxswain.

The Coxswain

Usually thought of as a person who sits at the back of the boat, while screaming at the top of their lungs and steering, the coxswain plays an essential role in a rowing crew. A good coxswain can play to the abilities of a rowing team and steer the boat and shout orders that is between the ability range of the team itself as well as provide maximum speed and dexterity through the course. However, this only happens when the coxswain is coached correctly. In history, only a handful of coxswains were properly coached on how to steer the boat. This usually results in poor results and stress on the day of the event.

How Poorly Trained Coxswains Affect Game Performance

Poorly trained coxswains are an issue when it comes to game performance. This is due to the lack of training and practice provided by incompetent coaches. Majority of coaches these days originated in positions other than for coxswains in a rowing team, leaving them as coaches, utter oblivious to the training and practice drills that are usually by Coxswains. This in turn the performance executed by the whole team.

If your team loses games, and performance rates drop during competitions, a ready solution to the crisis would be to make sure that the coxswain is properly trained to  what to do, if they make a mistake. Statistics collected by many show that whenever a coxswain commits a minor mistake, the team goes out of whack and more incident occur.

There is a reason as to why uncoached coxswains are important is because they are slower than the really well-coached ones. Fourteen boat classes are can not only hinder you from achieving your medal and award, also lowers the performance rates of a team entirely. The coxswain acts as the mind of the rowing team because the crew cannot change their strokes mid-performance, the coxswain acts as the collective mind. This allows them to make a decision and follow through with the best-suited plan to help them move past the issue at hand, thereby urging coaches to take more interest and making sure that their coxswains are trained and coached properly, through the basic techniques as well as other more advanced ones.