Why is Rowing Good for Your Health? – Part 1

Taking to the water to enjoy your favorite pastime is not just great at helping you relax, even when the early morning mists and the calm waters are so inviting to enjoy nature as it wakes up. Rowing is also physically good for you also, and you can do it in company or totally by yourself. There is something quite exceptional and motivating about being out on the water, and once you have perfected your rowing technique you can go just about anywhere that you want. This article concentrates on the physical attributes that rowing develops starting with a healthy body.

A Healthy Body

Any outdoor sport is good to promote a healthy body, and rowing is no exception. If you do it regularly it can help maintain a healthy balance of your body mass, keeping bad fat levels down. Rowing is great for burning off calories as it is mostly an aerobic activity. An average rower can burn off anything between 500 and 700 calories per hour which is a lot higher than even running.

Improves Your Cardio-Respiratory System

Enjoying your morning row is an excellent way of enhancing the capacity of your lungs to provide more oxygen to the blood cells, which in turn is good for your heart and the other organs of your body. You need this to stave off heart and other diseases. A good way to build up your cardio-respiratory system is to include short bursts of speed during your rowing, no more than ten minutes at a time is perfect. That is why so many people in the gym use a rowing machine for a dose of high-powered activity.

Low Impact on the Body

Rowing is one of the few sports that actually engages all the muscle groups in your body, whilst offering no real impact. Absolutely everything gets a work-out when you row, including your arms, legs, back, and shoulders. All these benefits come about with a low-impact activity, and a good rowing stroke is fluid posing little danger to the muscles or joints.

Weight Loss

As we have mentioned before, rowing is a great way to burn-off calories and therefore a good activity to loose weight. Competitive rowers can use up almost twice the calories on a two thousand meter course than as a runner on a three thousand meter steeplechase, with almost no impact to joints. As you do not experience the same amount of wear and tear than a runner does it means that you can row for longer and hardly ever suffer from injury.

A Healthy Heart

If there is one activity that could almost be designed to keep your heart healthy, then it is rowing. Any cardiovascular activity is one that utilizes the large muscle groups of the body, and rowing is one of the best cardiovascular activities that there is. The one really big advantage of rowing to assist you in keeping your heart healthy is that it is non-weight bearing, which of course keeps the strain of exercise away from your heart. In part two we continue looking at the ways that rowing is good for your health, including building up your muscle strength.